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Why use Beamforming?

 Beamforming concepts

  • Need to compensate very high losses at higher frequencies.
  • Use a wider number of Tx/Rx antennas (radiating elements).
  • The width of the beam is narrower as the number of antennas increases:

Why use Beamforming?

  • All the power is conformed (transmitted) in a certain direction.

 Beamforming Correspondence (FR12 Only)

Beam correspondence (BC) between gNB and UE is the ability of the UE to select a suitable beam for UL transmission based on DL measurements with or without relying on UL beam sweeping

Why use Beamforming?

UEs not supporting BC need gNB assistance (UL beam management) by using UL SRS signals in conjunction with SSB and CSI-RS in the DL

Beamforming Management

  • The network and device will use beamformingantennas (maybe as low as 12 degrees)
  • Narrow beams increase the received power(signal-to-noise) level 
  • Beams to different UEs can re-use the same time and frequency resources
  • All common and dedicated channels are transmitted (and received) over beams
  • Beams are bilateral for (t, f, (x,y,z)) – TDD operation only

Resource : Keysight
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