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Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiasts

Who is Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiasts?

Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiasts is  managed by Telco Indonesia. Telco Indonesia  has long been present since 2007 under the name ParaKonTel. Telco Indonesia is a realization of the ideas and thoughts of telecommunication professionals in Indonesia. The Facebook Group community media is one of the choices besides the Mailing List, LinkedIn Group and TeleGram Group for reasons of convenience and confidence to obtain a Telco Indonesia Professional network with the widest range of participants without being limited to geographical location. Freedom to explore, absorb and apply ideas as well as thoughts from all members of the community will be the main Spirit in the Development of Professional Attitudes based on this Community in the hope of giving very positive results, both into this community and at the same time and not forgetting to contribute to progress Indonesia as a nation full of enthusiasm to Advance at the Global Level. With over 2300 members representing over 200 territories and more than 1000 volunteers and supporters, Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiast truly has a presence. Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiast is now launching an exciting new way  to engage or be a part of  with Telco-Indonesia

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Join Our Community

Why should you join a Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiasts?

Communities will host diverse events including meetings for all members  to connect, information and education about 5G , career fairs, and more! It is exciting way to meet 5G Enthusiasts and connect meaningfully with each other in-person as well as online.

How to Join?

We invite you to join our Telco-Indonesia 5G Enthusiasts  by clicking on the  below. As we grow and develop as a Telco-Indonesia, it is our hope that the communities will grow as well.